Thread: Prospect Info: Flyers actual 2013 draft rankings
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08-20-2013, 01:55 PM
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The way I see it is that Mez tops is a no. 4, dynamic 35 point guy who can be dynamite on the powerplay... who is questionable defensively due to positioning and give-aways.(I love his hitting, boardplay... but he has always put himself in stupid places, tried to go past one man too many, try a home run breakout when an easy outlet is on.) We know this from over 500 games in the NHL... where apart from 1 down year (last in Tampa) he has been very consistent.

Gus's seems to be (at 'par' per-say) a 20-25 point player who is very solid positionally and mentally, but subpar physically (though he does not shy away from corners, even when he knows a hit is coming... which I like.) I would say 4/5 from his current play (taking into account his worst and best.)

So Mez is more explosive... Gus better defensively, but with an unknown ceiling, he does have great tools to be an offensive player.

I would therefore say they were pretty even in ability/question-marks... and therefore it comes down to caphit, and for what he does Mez is overpaid. I do get DFF what you say on the caphit front... if Mez fits and is better, play him, I am all for that. (Though I would like us to be able to bank some... and Mez does not let us do that.) But I do think they are very even in ability.

PS. I am a big Mez fan... I think he is an exciting player who has the skill set to be something very special (like Coburn) but just has never put it all together.

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