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08-20-2013, 02:11 PM
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This thread has tons of people like me, so I figure I'd seek some advice too. I played hockey when i was about 10 in a mite in-house league, and quickly became discouraged after seeing the 6 year olds out skating me and having the hardest time learning to stop, and finally quit once i was informed i was too old to play at the Cleveland Lumberjacks game in between periods with my team.

Fast forward 12 years and I decided I wanted to try again, so during my senior year at kent state, I took a beginning ice hockey course. I got my feet back underneath me pretty quick, and actually have a decent shot (surprisingly), but still haven't been able to stop all that well, and my skates (bought them used, a pair of vapor's with some life left in em) always grinded into my ankles to the point where they would bleed, only to scab over and be ripped off during my next class session. Obviously this was an ankle support issue, and even taping my ankles didnt seem to help. I heard about "baking" skates to mold to my foot/ankle. Any advice on this? I feel like this is the a large contributing factor in holding me back from learning to properly stop. I can shave the ice using my edges already, but actually applying this to stopping is just so damn elusive to me. Im sure there is a large mental barrier to overcome as well. Sorry for ranting...

tl;dr: 23 years old, wants to play hockey, can skate but can't really stop (ala Luis Mendoza), bad ankle support with my used skates. Also, does anybody play rec hockey in Cleveland?

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