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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
The only guy(s) with impressive stat lines in the SEL were Rundblad and Hedman. The guys like Brodin,Karlsson, Larssen, OEL did not have good numbers in that league (OEL was swede-1)

And I somewhat agree with the Edler comparison. But I think Klefbom is starting his career with better defensive ability and less offensive ability than Edler did.

He may develop into a Seabrook type guy or an Edler type guy. Seabrook is probaly 70% Defense 30% offense and the opposite is true for Edler.

His first year in NA should tell us of how his offensive game translates and which guy he could be like. Just hoping its not a Barker
Its a great point. I think scouts have this down pretty well, but most fans don't. The Sweedish league has such a massive differnt style of play it is hard to really judge who will do well in the NHL. Guys that play parameter games excell in the SEL and often flop hard in the NHL. Omark is a classic example. Meanwhile some guys who are great up down skaters do brutal in the SEL and excel here. Klefbom has the exact characteristics of a guy who should excel in the NHL. He is not at all a parameter player.

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