Thread: Prospect Info: Flyers actual 2013 draft rankings
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08-20-2013, 02:50 PM
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No. I'm not throwing Mez out based on 30 games. I'm throwing him out based on two seasons of constant injury, much of it from routine wear and tear resulting in some major surgeries. I'm also basing it on a younger guy who's still growing, for 1/4 of the cap hit, who has steadily shown he is growing into a roster spot.

Keeping Mez and his cap hit over Gus on the gamble that he won't get hurt again just isn't worthwhile. Especially not with the current cap situation.

Sometimes you have to just let a vet go in favor of someone you've developed. That's just the reality of the cap era. We are spending a disproportionate amount on D as it is. We have a guy who's shown he can function at Mez's level for much cheaper. Meanwhile, Mez has shown he might be going the way of Betts before long. I would be comfortable with Homer gambling on Gus over Mez. Don't get me wrong, I think both are gambles; but I'm gonna go ahead and go with the one who costs significantly less. The difference between the two isn't great enough to go with Mez in my opinion.

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