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08-20-2013, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
But that is what I am talking about. It has only been 30 games. You are going to throw away Mez's entire body of work based on the last 30 games of his 500+ game career, while at the same time giving the spot to Gus based on 30 of his first 60 games? It just seems insane to me do that. I know there is risk of injury with Mez, which is why I have consistently prefaced my statements in this argument with Mez being healthy. If he is not healthy, I would go with Gus. If both were free agents, I would go with Gus. But if both are healthy and both are signed, I am not going to throw out an entire career based on the last 30 games.

If Gus wins the spot in camp, great. I am not saying he sucks. I am not saying he shoudn't be given the chance. I am simply saying that if both are healthy, I am going to go with the 500+ game veteran over the 60 game young guy. If Gus earns the spot, it is his. But you don't earn a spot in 60 mediocre games (I say mediocre because overall that is how it has been...some good games, some not so good games...they haven't all been top 4 and they haven't all been better than Mez), just like you don't lose a spot in 60 mediocre games.
You're missing one major detail & that is both players cap hits, Mez cost you $4M & Gus cost you $1M for next year. On a team that needs some cap space, it's a no brainer to ditch Mez over Gus at this point.

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