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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
I agree. I go to games to watch the game, not the scoreboard or the fans on the other side of the ice. Secondly, with the tv's they are putting on the bridges, I will probably have a BETTER view of replays (the only reason I need to look at the jumbo-tron) than I would on the center-ice scoreboard.

IF I am wrong, and the bridge really does impact my enjoyment of going to games, then I will either A) keep my tickets and simply sell them all at a nice profit, if I think there is still a profit to be made or B) cancel my tickets and just take an extra road trip. I only kept 7 games this season since my wife is due in mid-september and no idea if it is really going to be feasible to go to too many games. Neither of us have family on Staten Island, so getting a babysitter may not be easy.
Exactly, I got stuck with barstools at the top of 224 for this season (long story short my old rep left and nobody decided to let us know until I called about why I didn't get asked to renew yet). Anyway, as long as I can see all of the ice, I don't really care what I can't see. Much better than my old seats in 415 where I couldn't see behind the crease.

P.S. Congrats Dad-to-be and fellow Staten Islander! My wife just gave birth to our first kid 3 weeks ago, so I'm in the same boat as far as a very limited number of games this season. It's ok though, I'm already teaching him the goal song..

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