Thread: Confirmed with Link: Third Jersey - Revealed! :D
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08-20-2013, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by MayDay View Post
Reminds me of when I was really into LOST.

ABC would run promos promising "huge secrets revealed" in the next episode.

Then the episode would come and the only thing revealed would be some stupid details that no one cared about, like what Jack's tattoos meant.
Originally Posted by Clock View Post
OT: Which I think we never found out anyhow, obviously rendering that whole episode as the pointless filler that it was.

Back on topic... c'mon Sabres. Let's see.
Let's be fair. The writers of that show were clearly on a lot of drugs. It took a LOT of work just to have something resembling a coherent plot from show to show. Having that plot make any sense? You're just being greedy! :p

And yeah....ho-ly with this jersey business.

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