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08-20-2013, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRFAN88 View Post
It was also his first season in a new city (NHL intern), so I don't see why you bring that part up. We'll have to wait and see. Since I believed that the triple threat blew a tire, was because of the egos. Now it basically one threat, Nash.

He should definitely be more motivated playing in front of this Team and Hank. At the same time less blocking shots, more time to position and dangle ... yeah ... I want 40, what we are about to see might be different.
The point was that New York is quite a bit different than Columbus, less familiar with the coach, and team, etc... A small thing, and definitely not something I'd base an argument around but you have to imagine it factors in to some extent. Most professional athletes of a higher caliber should be able to perform in new surroundings up to their previous level, which he did and in some cases I think exceeded.

I agree it had to do with an ego, just not any of the players. It's always been one threat regardless of who we have had, all the way back to the '05-'06 lockout and even throughout some of the dark ages. It's just one of those things we have to accept as Rangers fans, we could have the entire Eastern Conference All-Star team and only one guy would produce up to his potential.

What we are about to see might be different? I guess, if you feel the need to be pessimistic, there are really no indications that things should change for the worse. He essentially joined a dysfunctional team, which was hidden from the public up until the trade deadline and off season, yet he still performed admirably. So I'd imagine his enthusiasm would continue to be high going into next season and seeing as a number of his teammates will have a positive outlook, I expect a better season all around. Has nothing to do with Torts system vs. AV's system, as most of us know they aren't polar opposites, but more the mental aspect. We have discussed that situation so much that it doesn't warrant any more attention, but I do think the players were tired of the side show.

Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post
If only we still had Artem Anisimov!! ;-)
I realize you're trying to be sarcastic/funny but he'd actually be an ideal 3rd C for us, he was the best player we lost in the trade. I would rather have him than Boyle, Pyatt, Moore, Pouliot, and a few others in the bottom six. Not bashing them as I actually like all four, but Anisimov would be an upgrade over each one of them.

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