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Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post
I don't think anyone here is advocating a Richards/Drury/Gomez/Holik contract. My point is that IF the numbers work - it would be more of a Jagr type signing with Philly or Dallas scenario. This team is in a major city, it has a chance to win, and it has his buddy Nash... all of these things together could make the Rangers a potential favorite. There are some if's in my scenario - but I think the potential could be there for some real value if things play out in a certain way...

Thornton is also 6'4... Drury was a much smaller player, Richards as well... They are not similar at all except that they are all good passers. It would be a much smaller commitment which is my point.
Right, but 3 years in my mind is too much. Thornton is bigger, but the issue is not the size. It's the playmaking ability. Thornton and Richards are (Richards was?) world-class centers with great playmaking ability, and the rationale was that Richards wouldn't regress like Drury because his game was build on hockey IQ and playmaking. As of now, that projection is not the case.

At first, the idea of a big name player that is older and past his prime was an instant reminder of Sather's poor choices in the past.

But your argument is good and it changed my overall point of view in that a 1-2 year deal at most with a reasonable cap hit would be something to kick the tires on.

I just feel it is too good to be true because of our past rationalizations with Richards and how quickly he has regressed, although a low-risk/high-reward move a la Frolov could pay dividends.

As you can see, I'm torn here. Part of me agrees with your argument and the other part is weary of the idea.

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