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360 HFOil | SEASON 3 | Waiting list Available

MY GAMERTAG: Faithful67
Period: 5 Minutes
Skill level: All-Star
Game style: Hardcore Simulation
Rules: All rules on except waivers
Playoffs: 7 games
Schedule: Every 3 days
Schedule period: 2 weeks


Activity -If you do not play any games during a sim and 3 GM's or more are wanting to play you. you will be temp booted and then you can join back. Also If you do not play a majority of your games each sim for 3 sims in a row you will be removed.

MESSAGE FOR GAMES - Please message your opponents to setup games either on here or on the box. Let them know which days in the coming schedule you will be available and when not. It will make setting up games so much easier and avoid all the frustration.

DISCONNECTION - This rule must be followed no matter what or you will be removed from the league. If there is a disconnection in the game the two GM's are required to replay the game and and restore any lead and let time run down to match what it was in the disconnected game. If team was up 4-1 with 13min left in the 3rd then right away restore that 3 goal lead and let time tick till 13min left in the 3rd and go from there to finish the game.

ENABLE CPU - If you are going away or not going to be able to play any games in the sim period. This allows GM's who have been waiting to play you, play you. They are only allowed to play you 2 hours or less before the next sim. This will cause minimal injuries apposed to simming the game and it cause severe injuries. DNF is monitored so dont worry If they quit and quit and quit until they win. They will be kicked.

TRADES - Trades can be made at any time although EA only allows them to actually go through with each time I move to a new block of schedule. You can only trade draft picks 2 years out so the coming years draft and next thats it. There is also a 5 GM committee to review all trades

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Stanley Cup Champions:
13/14 Tampa Bay Lightning
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