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Originally Posted by Panda Bear View Post

When you have a very fit, fast and agile team, you're able to use systems that rely on skating to make up for aggressive positioning if the puck moves up or through to the weak side.

3-2 or 2-1-2 aggressive forechecking? We can do it.
Lots of strong side pressure? We can do it.
Deep backchecking? We can do it.

We don't need to be a passive team based upon great positioning because we should have the speed and fitness to be aggressively winning the puck back in every zone. We should have numbers on the puck, and we should break out very quickly because winning the puck in numbers means that you already have puck support.

You can compete with big teams if you know how to outskate them with pressure and puck possession. (You know, like Chicago.)

"In our own zone I think we’re going to probably move at least somewhat to a swarm system or a collapse system where we really choke people out when the opportunity presents itself to do so, which I think makes puck-moving defencemen feel a lot more comfortable about the defensive game when they have support at all times." - Steve Smith

"If the puck happens to be stalled in the corner, the first defenceman going into the corner is on one side of the puck carrier, the centreman is on the other side of the puck carrier, the third defenceman is waiting in the wings in case of any breakdown, the winger has come down the wall and helped out and the fifth guy has come right over into that corner and is pretty darn close as well. The difficulty of what we had done in the past was just guys not buying into it and so we got away from it pretty quickly. Dallas really believes that it’s something we’ll be able to do and we’ll get through quickly… this is just not giving anybody time and space to breathe at all."

This is amazing news. That is how you play team defence with a mobile team rather than a physical team.

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