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Originally Posted by dackelljuneaubulis02 View Post
I'm willing to friendly bet/low wager bet with you that the Dogs will make the playoffs!

I actually think they can do some damage.
Since I will be watching most of Hamilton's games, I woudn't bet against them, but I would be shocked if they come close to making the playoffs with this roster. I just hope they are more fun to watch, as it's a long season and I don't want a repeat of last year as it was painful to sit through most nights.

Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
What's up with these fringe AHLers signing...
Got to have some ECHL depth, they a light on D's as it is, as I'd like to see them carry a few more bodies in the ECHL.

Originally Posted by Treb View Post
The fact that all the rookies will be 1 year older should make it at least par. I also expect Nygren/Dietz to be miles ahead Corbin after 10-20 games.

Tokarski for a full year should be good also.

As for Tenute vs St-Pierre, I may be wrong because I haven't watched them enough to tell, but I'd say Tenute < St-Pierre plus St-Pierre should be here all season long and not just 40 games like Tenute.

I still trust your judgement because you know the AHL (hockey in general) way more than me and I could be wrong everywhere. I do agree they can't do much worse than they did last year, so whatever happens is a step forward!
While the defense are 1 year older, the problem is they are now the vets on defense and that's a scary thought. Going into last season I didn't like the fact that only St-Denis was their veteran presence on the blueline, but now the D is slightly younger then last year which will certainly be interesting to see. To me it sounds like repeating the same mistake but time will tell.

Agreed that a full year of Tokarski should help, and Nygren/Dietz being miles better then Corbin, although Corbin played a small role for less then half the season. Nygren is a big wild card for me, as the Dogs PP was just terrible and if Nygren can help to get it going more consistently then that could be big as well as the Dogs were not a team that could come from behind and having your PP do nothing sure hurt things. St-Pierre I'd also say is better then Tenute but I don't think it is by much. Tenute was their best forward and I expect St-Pierre to be the same but without secondary scoring it won't matter much imo.

Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
The problem with last year's team based on what I saw was 1) the obvious lack of talent up front 2) questionable coaching 3) lack of experience AND underperforming veterans. Leblanc, St-Denis and Nash were horrible this year. Hagel was useless and Stortini was just a meathead. It also doesn't help that Desjardins was quite average to start off the season.
1) agreed 2) agreed 3) agreed. I was very surprised at how poorly Desjardins looked, plus I heard talk of problems between him and the coaching staff which may have made matters worse.

Originally Posted by HABitual Fan View Post
I agree with all about how bad the team was last year. A huge factor in this in my opinion is that they had a very young team that due to the look-out had to compete against teams loaded with guys who normally would be in the NHL, whereas they had none of those. By the time the NHL resumed play, the hole they had dug was too deep to get out of even with other teams losing their NHL players. Once a mentality of losing sets in it is often hard to shake. Starting the year off on a level playing field this year, and with all the rookies from last year a bit more experienced, I think that we can expect them to be more competitive and enjoyable to watch. Results is a whole different matter, and that remains to be seen.
I had my doubts about going into the season with so many rookies on defense, and the lockout certainly didn't help matters, but even after the lockout was over the team just struggled to do much of anything in the offensive zone. It's like they had no clue what to do and no one to control the play in the O zone. They always worked hard at least.

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