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08-21-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Matteus View Post
Saw him a few times last winter and as a 19-year old he should have been a pillar on his team, but he had a way of looking lost in his own zone from time to time.

And it just so happens that when I had a chance to watch him, I also had a chance to watch Dietz who looked much more in control of his game.

That being said, I hadn't seem him in his draft year.

I assume he looked better then than he does now, but regressing at this age is no cause for optimism.
Well to be fair, it's not un-common for offensive D's to look lost in their own end. Granted it's a major concern but if the rest of his game translates then he may still be able to end up a decent NHL defensemen in time. If he was born 2 weeks later it would have been his 18 year old season since he turned 19 half way through the season and he would be forced to go back to the WHL this year instead of having options.

I agree that regressing is a big concern but I don't know if it's enough to say that he can't make the NHL on a contending team. Hopefully he gets back on track next season and we'll see where he goes from there. For me when I watch him, I see several interesting things and several areas of concern. Really like the grit/sandpaper he brings and he can move the puck well enough, but his decision making in his own with the puck needs a lot of work. I must say I was not impressed with the things i've heard about the coaching for the Blades so now that he's out of there, he needs to get going.

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