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08-21-2013, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
Agreed. Its unbelievable how obtuse so many people are to this fact.
Watch most starters in the NHL. They let in lots of goals people would question.
I'm happy with Dubnyk in net. I think he has another level that he needs to get to. But I'm not pinning the blame for this team losing on him. He's not the problem. He's not so dominant that he can fix how poorly managed and coached this team has been for about the last 7 years, but he's not the problem.

I have two points about that.
One. If you put any goalie in the league behind our defence the last few years and they're not going to look good. The puck has to get through the rest of the team before it gets to the goalie. When a forward makes a bonehead play in the offensive zone and gives the puck away, then the defence misreads the play and gives up a scoring chance and the other team scores, everyone is like: That's the one! That's Dubnyk's bad goal of the game! It would be great if he brings up his play to the point where he can steal a few more games for us. But this team needs to play better defence and make less turnovers and win more face-offs, etc.

Two. Everyone harps on this idea that the "one bad goal a game" really deflates the team. Nobody likes to get scored on. But if a bad goal against causes you to play poorly for the rest of the game, that points to a lack of maturity and leadership on the team. Instead of busting your ass to get that goal back, you mope on the bench until the end of the game? You can't fold up shop at the first hint of adversity. We will never be a playoff team, let alone a contender, unless we can drop that attitude. If you can't get over a bad goal, whats to stop one bad game from turning into a 10 game losing streak? If we make the playoffs, is one loss going to deflate us to the point were we won't bother to show up for the rest of the series?
We have to be the team that will do anything to win, and that includes getting over a bad goal.

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