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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
I don't see how, considering 1) the attendance. The place is never full. 2) I have looked into mets plans even this year and they do not give any discounts off the individual price. It would be one thing if they discounted 25% for plans and the sth could capture the inside, but I do not recall that being the case.
The Mets do offer pack, plan, and full-season ticket buyers a discount over the rack rate (pricing for individual games) for the seating category in question. Fulls get the best deal. Plans get a better deal, pack buyers get 10 percent off. (packs are the 15-game pick-em plans.. you pay rack, then get 10 percent off at the end)

So in a sense, when you buy six months in advance, your tickets are priced at least 10 percent below the price paid for individual tickets, and for many games much more, since you aren't paying a convenience fee and a delivery fee. Well, you pay a delivery fee, but it's $25 for all your tickets for the season.

In addition, depending on the seating category, you can get better locations than you can a-la-carte later in the season. The exception is Prom Level 500's...

Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Interesting. What kind of plan do you have and how many games have you sold? The $32 you paid, is that the same I would pay (less fees) if I went onto and tried to buy the same seats?
I have a 20 game "weekend" plan. My ideal plan would have been the old Tues/Friday plan, but alas it is no longer available. My plan consists of either the Friday & Sunday of a weekend three-game series, or the Saturday game of a weekend three-game series. The past two seasons, they have given me a Yankees game or Opening Day. With the Yanks only making two appearances, one of the four 20-game plans no longer gets a "marquee" game.

The rack rate for my seats for this category of game, before convenience fees, delivery fees, and dynamic pricing effects is $40; I paid $32. (20% off, plus no convenience fees / order fees). Fulls pay less (maybe $28 or $30).

I attempt to go to most games, but plans keep me away sometimes that I simply cannot avoid. (Another reason I loved the Tue / Friday plan -- it didn't interfere with weekend plans and I got to see one game in every series...) I haven't sold each and every seat in my plan when I have had a change in plans -- sometimes I've sold just two of the four. If I know well in advance that I have a conflict coming up, I can exchange my tickets for another in the same 'category'.

I've probably sold six games so far this season (all at a profit -- even a cold Friday in April game...)

Your ability to resell at a profit will be contingent upon your seating location. If you have a good location, you can compete directly with the box office, even with the SH rake, because the discount you received means you can sell at prices that are better than mets dot com after buyer, seller, and MLB fees are added. The only locations you may be able to get directly from the club that are better than your plan tickets are the ones the ticket office releases that they were holding back.


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