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Originally Posted by ltsthinaz View Post
And they didn't have Center Ice back then (I was such a fanatic Ranger fan my parents would call me collect and I'd turn down the call, but we had a code so I could tell from what they said to the operator who won the Ranger game, and the score!!)
Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post

I'm just imagining, "You have a collect call from: 4-2 Rangers. Will you accept charges?"

"No thanks, got all I needed."
Reminds me of an old college story...

My old apartment had a buzzer / intercom thing that never worked. So there was no way to "buzz" somebody in. There was a payphone just outside the door to the building, so instructions were for guests to make a collect call to my apartment and ask for "Mr. Door" This would be the code for someone to run downstairs and open the door.

On some occasions, some knucklehead would accept the charges... Instead of a five minute major, they had to buy us a six-pack of beer...

Your long distance story is just as good...


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