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Originally Posted by Gardner McKay View Post
I dunno. Maybe the South isn't for everyone. Then again SC is one of the most rural places to go. Georgia is a lot different, especially the Metro Atlanta area. I hated it at first when I came here but over time I learned to love the great things about it. Property taxes at literally 1/5th of what they were on L.I., gas prices 60c less a gallon, cigarettes at $4.00 a pack and housing prices a fraction of what they are on L.I. as well.

My apartment in Atlanta that is 1200 SQ feet is at $1000 a month. A friend of mine is paying $1750 for a 550 SQ foot box in NY. Im looking at a 3,400 SQ foot home for just under $200,000. That same home would be $500,000+ on L.I.

As far as pay goes the disparity in pay isn't NEARLY as large as the disparity in cost of living. For a 1st year graduate, the position I took to stay in Atlanta with salary + commission would put me right about $70k. In NYC that same position would have paid about $82,500 (a friend of mine offered me a job at John Hancock and I politely declined). Property taxes alone would eat that increase, then factor in higher state taxes and I would be on the short end of the deal.

Im not even going to get into what it would be like living in NY as a gun owner.

There are negative parts that I cannot discuss on the boards so feel free to PM me. Ill take the bad with the good though as the good far outweighs the bad.
The rest of the post is helpful as always, but GOD DAMN that money. I've got a philosophy degree, but I'll be lucky if I TOP OUT at 70K.

The cost of living is the single best part. 2 bed 3 bath in a beautiful new apt for 850 a month? Yes please!

The downside is I'm pretty sure I got a haircut from a Klansman my first month down here. Certain phrases started flying, and I told him my haircut was finished, called him a bigot and walked out. Locals have told me they know of this particular man, and that they're not all like that. Good thing too, I nearly packed my bags that day.

More than anything, I miss my constant view of the Ramapo mountains. Never thought that'd be it.

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