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08-21-2013, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
You didn't read my post very well. I said:

Rinaldo doesn't play PK and he has no offensive skill. Rinaldo's junior offensive numbers are pretty similar to Goulbournes. Lappy and Talbot are guys who can net you 20-30 points a year while getting the tough defensive assignments and killing penalties. Rinaldo can't do any of that and it'll be a career year for the guy if he got 20 points. But he hits and occasionally fights, that's it. He brings nothing else to the table.
There was talk before last season that Rinaldo will play PK but I guess he was pushed down on the depth chart.
Rinaldo is decent defensively. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that he could develop into a decent PK-option.
There are a ton of 4th liners who are just kind of there but do absolutely nothing. Having a player like Rinaldo in your line-up is actually benefitial because he can destroy people. Lots of teams would love to have a guy like him. He also draws more minors than he takes.
Also Talbot is and Lappy was more of a third line option for most of their career instead of purely being a fourth line guy, which Rinaldo is. If you look around the league, how many guys are there who give you 20-30 goals and play PK and are labelled 4th line players. Exactly, none. Those guys play third line and are payed accordingly.

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