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08-21-2013, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by AJ2283 View Post
I am attending a flyers preseason game next month. Is there any cheap or safe free parking near the arena?
You used to be able to park your car in the park thats in front of the Wells Fargo Center, walked across Broad Street and go into the stadiums for free, i believe they are starting to change that though?

I would just like to recommend be careful after hours in the lots, I was at a Phillies Game on Saturday and caught two guys breaking into my truck after leaving Xfinity live with my girlfriend...this was at the K Lot in Lincoln Financial Field. I got the best of them according to cops, Knee and Knuckles are bruised and Cut up but well worth it. Let it be known this is the first issue I have ever had in my entire life at the stadiums.

Both guys just seemed like Super Drunk Phillies Fans, and probably thought it was there car they broke into.

Don't let that stear you away but as always remember to park in areas that are well lit and close to other cars.

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