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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
After living in our beloved New York for 23 years, this Rangers fan will be moving to South Carolina in June. I never thought I'd leave New York, but I also never thought I'd Zucc in a Rangers uniform again, so goes to show how good my anticipation is.

I'd like to first off thank this forum for even existing. Hockey is the only sport I follow, and I have few people with whom I can discuss it constantly. This forum is something of a godsend, and I anticipate it will be even more so when I'm down below the Mason-Dixon.

Second, to any and all Rangers fans outside the tristate, I'm asking for advice. Is center ice worth it, or is streaming better? How are games at Raleigh? Worth a considerable drive? Anything a lifelong New Yorker can do to not look like My Cousin Vinny in the south? And on the off chance, would anyone here know of a hockey bar in or around Horry County?

I imagine a mod will eventually lock this and tell folks to PM me, but I'd appreciate it if the thread was allowed to stay open for some time, as a brief discussion between multiple posters would be more helpful than half a dozen PMs telling me the same things.

Thanks again, HFNYR
Wishing you all the best with your relocation. I have had center ice since it's inception and to me it's been worth every penny.
You should love it down there; lifestyle is way less hectic and you'll get more bang for your buck.

Take care!

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