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08-21-2013, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by TGV View Post
Best time to go to la ronde was 20-25 years ago.

The summer pass (meaning, you can go as many times as you want during the summer, with no rides restrictions) was 30$ (for teens). There was as many rides as there is today, including la maison hantée and le palais des glaces (lol I know). There was some waiting (20 minutes was long by then), but being a teenager, I was going 3 times a week. So I remember finishing a ride in the monster, just to run around and be able to get in the next one, without waiting. Sometimes you could stay seating in the Bateau Pirate without having to get out. Great times. Food was expensive but you could bring your own. But you could also make money in there, precisely in the Flying Carpet (maybe it's still like that) by placing your feet in a position to catch all the money falling and going around from people's pockets. Money I was not spending on food but in the arcade of course.

Yeah I'm kinda old

was the same 13 years ago when I had my season pass as a 15 year old.
My cousin and I would be there 3-4 times a week, and we would never wait more than 15-20 minutes for whatever ride.

When I went a month ago for a friends bday I was shocked to see the waiting that had to be done by people. (We had the new speed pass thing so we didnt wait).

Back in the day I remember going on the Salt n Pepper 18 times in a row, yes, 18 straight times, never had to leave our seat, when we finally got up, the guy asked us what was wrong with us lol

The one ride I was disappointed was gone when I went recently was the Magic Carpet. (Tapis Magique) used to really enjoy that one.

Anyway, I wont be going back there until my kids wanna go, not for me anymore, I rather drive to Wonderland or somewhere in the States. rides are better

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