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08-21-2013, 07:07 PM
...better... or not
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I'm sure MacT saw some "flaws" in how Krueger was coaching and talked with him and got an idea of how he would continue to coach and that played into him being replaced.

I mean we on HFOil are collectively pretty dumb and even we could see flaws in the systems Krueger was using.

I'm sure it was a combo of what MacT heard from Eakins when he talked about his ideas of the systems he would use plus what MacT knew wasn't working for the Oilers under Krueger.

MacT is no dummy either as he has many years of head coaching under his belt so he has a pretty solid perspective of what the Oilers generally should be doing out there to get the most out of their obvious assets (speed, offense... fast break transition game).

Of course it's not as if Krueger had a loaded team full of all-stars and just screwed it up... obviously the team had/has deficiencies and you can't blame everything on Kreuger's systems BUT I think it was obvious to everyone that the team was under performing... especially late in the season and even earlier when they were doing better, the systems didn't really seem to get the most out of the team.

To me it was as if the systems Krueger used were accentuating the teams weaknesses and undercutting and not emphasizing their strengths... and I'm hoping Eakins can turn that around to the opposite this season.

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