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08-21-2013, 10:24 PM
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^^^To you both: I'm in the US, I've had center ice for three seasons now, and ALL jets games are aired. I'm almost positive that i have seen pre-season games as well. My memory is somewhat blurred but i want to call it fact. I was in New Jersey prior so i don't know if regions will affect whether all jets games will air here in Atlanta vs Jersey (seeing as it will be my first time with center ice down here). But about the regular season games, in the two seasons i had it in Jersey, not one game was blacked out with center ice. I will follow up about pre-season games once they start but im almost positive i remember getting pumped up for the season watching those games. I would not pay for it if games were blacked out seeing as Jets games are the only reason i get it to begin with.

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