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08-21-2013, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Those guys usually have the best stories about how they didn't make the show because of some random reason. They take out their frustrations on the less skilled but the real reason they didn't make it is told in the 10 minute shift-they're usually all about themselves.
Definitely true. We refer to one of those as the 'KHL' guy around my local rink.

Originally Posted by TLow97 View Post
This occurred in a couple games over the summer.

Captaining a summer league team. Had to call in a sub goalie--had a bit of difficulty the first game we needed one but a guy came through.

This goalie did not come out for warm-ups. Subsequently let in 6 goals in the 1st, all softies. The cool thing was that we actually staged a comeback and won 7-6, but we ended up locking it down defensively and hardly allowed a clear shot.

Needed a goalie for a second game. Had to call the same guy because a different goalie bailed at the last minute. Again, didn't come out for warm-ups. Ended up losing this one, 6-3.

Argh... if you're not gonna do it for yourself, do it for the rest of us so we can get some live shots before gametime. I mean, it's more fun to play with a goalie than without one, but I've NEVER seen a goalie that adamant about NOT taking warm ups. Is it just me?
I always hated warmups, I'd usually just stand there and save a handful if I decided to.

Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
Ugh, what's worse, the people that take the game way too seriously, are playing well above their levels, and skate hard to back check the 40 year old that has only been skating for a year while they have a 6 goal lead with 2 minutes left?

Or the people on your team that don't skate and just ***** all the time, then leave early because their complete lack of any effort is the reason why we keep losing in the first place?

I'm getting really sick of this league. It seems like there's more people I can't stand playing with/against here than people that I like playing with/against.
I generally don't give anyone a free pass just because I'm up late in a game. I've seen some stupid comebacks before and I'm not about to be victimized.

If you're playing in that division, then it shouldn't matter how long you've been playing. Just look at it as a learning experience and keep trying to push yourself.

Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
Need a better chirp there.
I agree with that.

One of the guys on my team complains about other teams having people who also play in the divisions above us. The complaining annoys me more than playing the guys who are better than us (it's usually still pretty competitive).

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