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11-09-2006, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
I don't really agree...My dominant hand is my right hand and I shoot right (ie my left hand is on top of the stick). I can't do anthing with my right hand on top...When I stickhandle, it's the hand lower on the stick doing most of the work, and when I shoot, the power comes from the hand lower on the stick.

I can't imagine how the "pull" action is what gives the shot most of its power.
You probably can't do anything now with your dominant hand on top because that's not how you learned to play the game. If you started out with your dominant hand on top you'd probably be saying the opposite.

I'd like to second Doctor No's suggestion, play the way you'd sweep with a broom.

I'm a weird person. I write with my left hand, throw with my right, and I play hockey "right handed." My parents bought me a left handed stick when I was younger and, before I knew anything about hockey really, I used it like a right handed stick...(I had a wicked backhand ) The pulling with the top hand works for me because when I shoot I use the stick like a lever with my bottom hand as the fulcrum. So when the stick hits the ice I use my top hand to flex it, if that makes sense.

Back on topic, try out both sides and go with whichever one feels more comfortable. If they are both equally (un)comfortable I'd suggest playing the way you play golf/bat/throw/do other sports because it will make it easier for you to transfer your weight while shooting if it's similar to the way you do it in other sports.

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