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08-22-2013, 03:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Killorn View Post
So some of you know this and some don't but I was diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis which is a form of Hodgkins Disease and underwent my first EBRT treatment today and will continue almost daily until mid October. Anybody ever undergo that or know someone who has? I'm interested in how I will feel in October because I understand it will wear you out. Today went fine though so I'm hoping for the best.
I'm very sorry to hear that! As the others I don't know much about it unfortunately. I wish you the best! Stay strong!

Originally Posted by stryfe604 View Post
So my girlfriend of 8.5 years told me she cheated on me about an hour ago. I am completely devastated by this. It is killing me suppressing this rage. I am lost, hurt, and angry. So I am just sitting here blank. I can't tell my friends because I don't want them to look at her any differently.

So here I am, to you guys just telling someone. I know this isn't a place for this, but over the year that I have been here, I have talked to quite a few of you. We have no relations to each other but at the same time you guys will just listen, offer unbiased advice (if you can), and I can just let it out.

I love her to death, but I can't be with someone who could do that. I am also afraid of what she will do to herself if I leave right away. Also I don't want to leave her but I know I could never look at her the same way again. We were just recently talking about having our wedding next year, and planning to have a baby the year after. But now...I just don't know. I don't know what to do and what to do with myself.

I am sorry guys to lay this out here, but I just needed to let it out somewhere. Thanks for listening and reading everyone.
As Days has said you should definitely talk in detail to someone you can trust. Don't rush into making a decision. If I may ask you: When did she cheat on you? Just recently? How old is she?

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