Thread: News Article: Trotz Wants Wild Rivalry
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08-22-2013, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Roman Yoshi View Post
Then we just agree to disagree. I like the way Dirk and the other writers at OTF operate. It's a grass roots, fan oriented operation that is meant to be informative and entertaining.

Trotz, it should be noted, isn't exactly a funny guy. The Dallas reporter situation from a few years ago anyone? Furthermore, what he said wasn't exactly true. Sure, tongue in cheek stoking the flames is good and all but he is outright lying here. Minnesota did not STEAL Suter. Suter left on his own accord. It's not like they kidnapped him before putting a gun to his head and force him to sign a contract. Words matter. He is trying to paint Minnesota as the bad guy and not Suter, thereby insinuating Suter did not have a choice in the matter, making it look like Suter didn't spurn Nashville (which he did).

Go ahead and say I am looking too deeply into things, but Trotz has been in this business long enough to know the ins and outs of it. Not saying I don't think he should be saying these things as I really want a heated rivalry with Minny, but recognize them for what they are.
Overseriousness, thy name be Roman Yoshi. (Which, by the way, is a really clever username.)

Relax, man. It's entertainment. Don't read more into it than is there. You can hate Minnesota because they lured Suter away. Or, you can hate them because Leipold ran off to the Wild after he couldn't make money in Nashville. Or, you can hate them because Suter strung the Preds along then ran off to the Wild after apparently intending to do that the whole time and now the douchenozzle is on the Wild. Or you can hate them because they're in the division and competing with Nashville for a playoff spot. Or you can hate them because their logo is a Preds ripoff. Or you can hate them for some other reason I haven't considered. Just whatever you like lol.

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