Thread: News Article: Trotz Wants Wild Rivalry
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08-22-2013, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Roman Yoshi View Post
There are different ways of saying you disagree with a writer than calling them a douchecanoe.

I understand that and get that. Frankly, I pretty much disagree with everything Paul writes at HB, but I don't call him a douchecanoe for it. I just think think a person who is on the team's payroll isn't a very reliable opinion writer.
oh for goodness sake get over yourself... its a message board...

but if it makes you happy, then I will amend my previous statement... he's not PERSONALLY a douchecane, he is PROFESSIONALLY a douchecanoe, especially if he's getting paid to write that drivel...

Originally Posted by Roman Yoshi View Post
To some degree I get that, but guys like Trotz are veterans who know how to work the media and use every opportunity to promote the team and sales.

It's an attempt to get Preds fans angry at the other team and stir the pot to sell tickets. It is also meant to deflect any blame from Preds management that Suter left when clearly Minnesota somehow stole Suter. Stole insinuates Minnesota didn't play by the rules. Again, just trying to give a bit of analysis here and I am not saying what Trotz did was wrong. But at least recognize what it is.
calling you out as wrong here(but not calling you a douchecanoe).... I do not think this was in any way an attempt to "deflect any blame from Preds management".... especially since there was pretty much nothing more Preds management could have done... they offered to match or beat Minnesotas money, after all..

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