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08-22-2013, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
The rest of the post is helpful as always, but GOD DAMN that money. I've got a philosophy degree, but I'll be lucky if I TOP OUT at 70K.

The cost of living is the single best part. 2 bed 3 bath in a beautiful new apt for 850 a month? Yes please!

The downside is I'm pretty sure I got a haircut from a Klansman my first month down here. Certain phrases started flying, and I told him my haircut was finished, called him a bigot and walked out. Locals have told me they know of this particular man, and that they're not all like that. Good thing too, I nearly packed my bags that day.

More than anything, I miss my constant view of the Ramapo mountains. Never thought that'd be it.
Some people are stuck in the wrong era. Have you never gone to upstate New York? Mother of God they are equally as bad as some of the folks in SC when it comes to that stuff.

SC is about as southern as you can get. NC is a lot better and if you had the chance to move to the Atlanta Metro Area I think you would truly enjoy it.

As far as the money goes... I work. I work ALOT. After thinking about it Ill probably be closer to 65K then 70K but somewhere around there. Its no 40 hours a week though, closer to 55-60. Down here though 65-70K would be equal to making 95k-100k in NY.

You can live like a king down south due to the cost of living difference.

Only thing I miss is the water & snow. Considering moving to either FL, Miss. AL and living on the Gulf Coast but have yet to see about that. NC is also a possibility (a bit more snow than here in GA).

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