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08-22-2013, 10:12 AM
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Reasons given include: abundance of outdoor games
Nahh, as said, we've never had one before so it'd still be special to watch for us, even if it wouldn't be for people that aren't Sens or Canucks fans.
high prices (broker recommends waiting until closer to event as prices might drop)
Yes, they are gruesome. Apparently the NHL set them too, not the Canucks, although Canucks tickets are getting too expensive for me to want to go anymore either. If the prices do drop I'd be happy to go, but I think it's hard for the average fan to get stoked this early before the season and go out and buy one, and I think the more hardcore fan already has reservations based on what they know about the sightlines at such games. I mean, I'd LOVE to go for the atmosphere, but the current cost isn't worth the atmosphere to me.
and lack of "best" Canadian opponent.
Strangely, I wouldn't be surprised if the two best Canadian teams are in this game, and, if the Sens stay healthy, that they aren't, in fact, the best AND MOST EXCITING Canadian team next year.

I have to wonder at the marketing. You'd think they would be marketing to more than the Vancouver market.
It's so early, I assume it'll kick in. No need to spend money marketing heavily if people are buying the tickets. Once that stops, they'll start marketing I suppose.

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