Thread: News Article: Trotz Wants Wild Rivalry
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08-22-2013, 10:32 AM
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My take on him is that he's been progressively getting bitter as we all do with age and it reflects in his approach and casual relationships and acquaintances. Heck, I eventually aspire to become the mean-old man that yells at kids to stay off of my lawn!! It will give me something to look forward to if I live that long in Nashville/Vanderbilt morning traffic filled with people who are confused and late for doctor's appointments.

I look at his opines during lunch and then move on to other things in less than five minutes between bites, phone calls, and DM's from my wife on Tweeter... I tend not to get very butt-hurt about what his opinion is and make my own mind up on what I am seeing. If you don't like his opinion, there are lots of other blogs out there or you can start your own if you have the time and gumption.

All of that aside, I think/opine/etc. that Trotz's comments are likely attributed to his personal take of what happen with Suter in free agency that never was made public. My guess is that there were lots of promises made on both sides during the season that Suter (or most likely his agent) never intended to keep that created a betrayal of trust much like the portrayal of Judas and Jesus albeit to a lesser degree (as Trotz wasn't nailed to a cross yet). That coupled with the fact he went to the team owned by the owner who turned his back on Nashville to buy the Wild and now through his quip on 102.5, you can see a mirror into why he was so pleased to add in the element of grit on the opening day of free agency. I have a feeling that we might just see some old school Norris Division hockey when Minny comes to town as a result on Opening Night... Too bad I'll be at Disney with the kids for it.

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