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11-09-2006, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
by the way...why play with a tennis ball? Why not the mylec or franklin street hockey balls? The tennis ball is probably half the reason for your being unhappy with your shot speed. Please dont say its cause of the goalie....the street balls dont hurt any more than a tennis ball! lol

also, if you want to increase the wrist weight exercises quoted above to include shoulders, core and much of the rest of the upper body isometrically, begin extending the hands forward away from the body as you gain strength. Remember to breath evenly, not holding your breath. For any work outs EXHALE when you EXERT. For example on a bench press you would inhale on the drop and exhale through the push back to the top. Which ever part of a movement you find the hardest is when you exhale...helps simplify the breathing part of work outs.
A roller hockey ball hurts a LOT more than a tennis ball when shot hard. I've left large welts on friends shins while playing street hockey with a ball.

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