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HOH Top 60 Centers of All-Time: Round 1 Preliminary Discussion Thread

  1. Eligibility and Ranking Criteria
    • Any person who spent the majority of his career playing as a center or who has the majority of his accomplishments as a center is eligible
    • It is highly recommended that you use these guidelines to determine whether a player qualifies as a "center" for the purposes of this project (link)
    • A player who qualifies as a center should be ranked based on his overall accomplishments as a forward or hockey player.
    • Players should be judged only on their accomplishments as hockey players
    • Players currently active are eligible, but should be ranked based only on what they have already done
  2. Preliminary Discussion Thread
    • Anyone may participate in this thread, even if he does not plan on taking part in the voting phase
    • Any center may be discussed
    • Posters are encouraged to share information about players in this thread and to take information shared into account when constructing their own lists
    • Brief comparisons between players are permitted, but detailed cases and debates should be saved for Round 2 of Voting
    • Please do NOT rank players outright in the preliminary thread
  3. Voting
    1. Round 1
      • All participants submit a list of 80 centers ranked in order
      • All eras MUST be considered, and consideration should be given to both NHL and non-NHL players
      • To make it easier to aggregate the submitted lists, please list players using their most commonly used name; e.g. Cyclone Taylor, not Frederick Wellington Taylor; Hooley Smith, not Reginald Smith
      • Lists may be submitted via email to (will be posted later) or via PM to (will be posted later). Excel format is preferred, but a top to bottom list of 80 is fine too
      • We will be accepting lists between September 20 and October 10. Please PM me if you can't make this timeframe and would like to participate
      • Players will be assigned a point value on the list based on ranking
      • Players will be awarded 80 points for a 1st place vote down to 1 point for a 80th place vote
      • An aggregate list of the top centers will be compiled ranking them in order of the most total points
      • Participants MUST submit a list in Round 1 to be eligible for Round 2
    2. Round 2
      • The top 8 ranked players from the aggregate list will be posted in a thread
      • Players will be listed in alphabetical order to avoid creating bias
      • Player merits and rankings will be open for discussion and debate for a period of five (5) days. Administrators may extend the discussion period if it remains active
      • Final voting will occur for two (2) days, via PM
      • Top 4 players will be added to the list
      • Final results will be posted and the process repeated for the next 4 places with remaining players until a list of 60 centers is obtained
      • After Vote 5 (when we have a list of the top 20 centers), we may increase the number of players added per round to 5. Participants will be allowed to vote on whether to increase the number added per round to 5 or to stay at 4 per round
      • If there are major breaks in the Round 2 voting totals, we may add more or less than the targeted 4 or 5 players in certain rounds
      • The number of players available for discussion at once will increase from 8 as we move down the list, based on natural breaks in the aggregate list put together in Round 1
  4. Quality Assurance
    • Lists will be subject to an evaluation process
    • The submitter of a questionable list will be given an opportunity to defend or justify any selection under question or to correct errors and resubmit
    • The complete voting record of every participant will be released at the end of the project
  5. Participants Code of Conduct
    • Participants must recognize that this is a collaborative project and that we all share the same goals, no matter how much we disagree on individual ranking
    • Participants should treat each other with respect and must not openly question the motivations of other participants
    • Repeatedly violating these rules may result in ban from this project and possibly similar future projects on the History of Hockey board

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