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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
That persona was rooted in toughness, at least in '11-12. I enjoyed that thoroughly. Now we've got a team that includes players whose argument seems to be that Tortorella was "too hard" on them. And, instead of confronting that head on after the season, they snake their way to the GM. This situation is a microcosm of how the team played most of last season - without any balls.

And no, Im not defending Tortorella here. If I was Sather, I probably would've fired him anyway. Thats a toxic atmosphere that he helped perpetuate. But I'd also do what I could to jettison the players that felt a coward's way out was the best way to express the issue. I wouldnt want players capable of that sort of thing on my team
Addressing the way Torts treats players directly with Torts would have been a general waste of time and energy on the players parts. He would have brushed it off as sour grapes and tried to explain his position and had he remaind in position would have done the same things.

Guys like that do not change when the people that are reporting to him do not like him. He's said it countless times. He's not there to make friends. He's there to do a job. He goes about doing that job a certain way, don't like it, tough.

Why is he all of a sudden going to change that because a few players voiced their opinions of him to him.

The issue would have been raised with him, and it would have died with him and nothing would have changed.

I think the Players did the right thing in by passing Torts altogether on this.

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