Thread: Confirmed with Link: Douglas Murray signed 1 year deal ($1.5m)
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08-22-2013, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
not really a NHL-quality defensman? Bouillon is probably better than him?

Dear God...first of all, everyone knows Murray isn't what he used to be. But to say he's not an NHL-quality defensman is disengenuous. Furthermore, if anyone isn't an NHL-quality defensman, it's Francis Bouillon out of anyone.

I can't understand how that guy has managed to get 3 seperate stints on the Habs...everytime I think they've gotten rid of him, he comes back.

Also, it can be argued that at times...Markov was a liability on the ice last year (especially the last 1/3 of the season). Does that mean he's useless?

Murray as an individua player, I kind of agree with you...he's really not that good anymore. But as one member of a defensive unit of 6-7-8 players. He fits in quite nicely on the Habs given how their built (mostly pucking moving dmen).

It's just a depth need to look at it for more then what it is
Bouillon is definitely an NHL calibre d-man. It's a nice luxury to have a guy with his experience and versatility as a #5 or 6. He's very reliable defensively, smart with the puck and makes very few mistakes, not sure how anybody here can hate him at 1.5 mil a year. He's more reliable than most guys making 2-3 mil/year.

Not sure why anybody feels the need to knock Bouillon to bump up Murray. Both have their uses, Murray needs fewer minutes and more specific roles(PK/puck mover with him/clearing the crease) while Bouillon can be trusted in more minutes/situations.

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