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08-22-2013, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by jg39 View Post
Killorn-good luck with all of your treatments, and know that we all support you here on the Lightning boards. I do know that exercise, when ever you're up for it, should help your body. I don't recommend Insanity or 2 hour cardio circuits, but a good stretching routine, light walks, and mindless activities like shooting a basketball/kicking a soccer ball against a wall may help. Basically, whatever exercise you can manage without excessive fatigue. Your body needs all the strength it can get, and exercise will help with keeping the body strong and a capable immune system.


Stryfe-Take some time and do some talking with trusted friends...something like golf or fishing with some buddies could help. Buy yourself a fancy beer you enjoy. Good luck figuring everything out and know the Lightning boards are here for you as needed.
Thanks mate. I'm told a couple of friends and we are going to meet up and have some drinks and talk it over. I am pretty much telling her I need to be away from her for a while. I'm just going to take a month or two away from her. Just need to see after that amount of time, I can look at her and not be angry and disgusted. Upside probably go to Tampa to watch a few games this year.

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