Thread: Confirmed with Link: Douglas Murray signed 1 year deal ($1.5m)
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08-22-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
It works, generally because the PMD is carrying the SAH.

Markov-Komisarek did a decent impression of a first pairing, and it certainly wasn't Komi pulling the bus. Same with Subban-Gill.

I'm just not convinced this is a dire need. For one thing, I'd rather have the puck so clearing the crease does not become an issue. For another, a lot of extremely effective first pairings do not have a crease-clearer, and those are the guys who play against the opposition's top offensive guys.

Yeah, a lot of third-pairing guys are big, hitty guys in the Douglas Murray mold, but they're third-pairing guys for a reason.

I dont get this carrying idea. all this means is that the metrics you are using simply favor one player over the other ( i.e if you value what PMD's do more than SAH, its no surprise that the analysis favors PMD). What metrics are you using for SAH ? Do you count the number of guys they knock on their keisters ? The way they stay back as PMD pinch and accrue more offensive metrics ?

Im not against analytics, they have their place. But SAH and PMD have different sets of skills, and my experience is that having one of each is generally the best way to cover all situations. Its not surprising that many of the best pairing use this format, for example teams with 2 SAH and 2 PMD's dont ice them together.

I know that a lot of people disparage analytics by asking " did you watch the games" as some sort of knock. I'm not doing that., really I'm not. But i dont think that the game can be accurately distilled to simple statistics, no matter how advanced. And ( again I'm not saying this to disparage you in any way) but watching the last 10 games of last season and the playoffs, I dont see how ANYONE could not clearly see we needed someone to move people in front our net.

I guess this puts me in the brian burke camp.

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