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Originally Posted by Off Sides View Post
“I think I’m going to learn from him because he’s into the science of the game and that’s something where I’m a bit of a Neanderthal,” Tortorella said. “I want to learn more about it....

When you say ‘style of play’ I find it such an interesting subject,” Tortorella said. “When I was in New York, I was labelled a defensive coach because we didn’t score like Tampa.

“I don’t believe in a defensive style. I don’t believe in an offensive style. I believe in a complete style. You need that to get where you need to be.

“Am I going to get in the way of the Sedins’ creativity and offence and crawl all over them if they take a chance and make a mistake? Absolutely not.

“I don’t do that. I just want a two-way street when it comes to play without the puck. Because then it isn’t creativity, it isn’t talent, it is in a foundation of playing the proper way without the puck.

“That happens to be called defence. You have to be responsible.

“I talked about blocking shots in New York, so I get framed as a guy who just wants to block shots and play defence.

“It’s such a wrong thought.

“But it does need to be a part of your game.”

I think this had more to do with why he was fired than anything else. The Rangers were not playing a complete game. He is saying all the right things but the product on the ice did not reflect that.

Whether or not it was the players not being able, or refusing to play that way, or his coaching style causing the disconnect, it's up for debate, but ultimately as the head coach it was his responsibility to get them to play that way.
I think those comments are 100% spot on. Was his act worn out here? By all accounts. I wasn't in the room, I don't know. Are there aspects of his gameplan I wish he tweaked? Sure.

But I have a really tough time with the narrative of "he got the job preaching safe is death, but switched to 6 goalie system! Lol what an idiot! Torts why u no practice offense??" Like he just decided to switch because he felt like it. Not because he, ya know, evaluated the talent of his team. I'm not saying YOU are saying this...but spend 5 min reading the comments of the broader fanbase on the nyr facebook page...

I have an even tougher time envisioning a new coach coaxing a lot more offense out of this group - and by a lot I mean enough offense to make any defensive trade offs worth it in terms of Ws and Ls. I think some people are expecting AV to catapult this team into a top 5-10 offense. Maybe if he brings the Sedins in his suitcase.

Sorry to be such a wet blanket. I will always have hope and I really do hope I'm wrong...

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