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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
Yes we get it, if you ran a company you'd be the biggest dooche on the planet and you'd expect your employees to be grateful. Congratulations
Not what I am saying, at all. I just find the whole argument to be comical and just another part of this sense of entitlement people tend to have nowadays. Like I said, I have had bosses who I hated and bosses who were great. The ones I hated I dealt with until I found something better. One particular was a job in college. Hated the guy and the woman directly above him. I honestly would not have peed on either of them if they were on fire. If they showed up at my house today because their car broke down in a blizzard, I would slam the door in their face. Was a lifeguard at Hofstra. I dealt with them because, 1) there was a lot of downtime, so I was able to get most of my schoolwork done on their time 2) pool was open from 6:45am until 11pm, and we always had 5-7 lifeguards on duty, so there was a lot of opportunities to pick up extra hours. 3) Was able to also work other events for Sports Facilities, bball, football games, baseball card shows. However, by end of school year I had had enough of their b.s. So, left for summer job (which was the norm for most of us), and then went and worked somewhere else the following school year.

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