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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
I think those comments are 100% spot on. Was his act worn out here? By all accounts. I wasn't in the room, I don't know. Are there aspects of his gameplan I wish he tweaked? Sure.

But I have a really tough time with the narrative of "he got the job preaching safe is death, but switched to 6 goalie system! Lol what an idiot! Torts why u no practice offense??" (not saying YOU are saying this...but spend 5 min reading the comments of the broader fanbase on the nyr facebook page) I have a tougher time envisioning a new coach coaxing a lot more offense out of this group - and by a lot I mean enough offense to make any defensive trade offs worse it in terms of Ws and Ls. I think some people are expecting AV to catapult this team into a top 5-10 offense. Maybe if he brings the Sedins in his suitcase.
I am not sure how much the goals and assist totals change under a new coach, not even sure their playing style changes that much but I don't think they were changing the way they played under Torts at all.

All coaches want their players to be defensively responsible away from the puck. However Torts did not just have them playing that way. Getting trapped in their own zone for long periods of time and surviving by blocking shots is not responsible, it's attempting to stop goals by last resort.

I fully understand trying to rush the puck through the neutral zone is inherently dangerous, turnovers happen. Does not mean they can not improve at it to the point it gives them another option beyond the tip, chip, dump and chase.

I don't think Torts was a bad coach and I certainly can not argue with the results, the team finished about where I think they should have the past two seasons.

My difference of opinion is from those who think he was the right coach going forward. The Rangers were not adding anything to their game that they did not already have the past two years. Other coaches were predicating on the predictability.

While many of the players stats may have been as good if not better than they have been, while some player were developing just fine, as a team was their play really improving? Were they adding new wrinkles to their game that were catching the other team off guard causing them to be trapped in their own zone? Were they forcing the other team to adjust to their play, if that team had comparable talent to the Rangers. Were they improving on being able to rush the puck up ice? Was the power play improving?

Seemed to me more like the Rangers were just stagnating. No idea if they will evolve under a new coaching regime, but I just did not get the feeling they were going to under Torts.

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