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Originally Posted by expy View Post
In all honesty, your opinions are welcome.

31 was my number prior to Price, (Hackett era), prior to that it was 1. I bought a full custom set from Don Simmons, for which you can't get a design outside of the stock patterns (2 designs at the time) for which I did not like the other design pattern so I went for this one. Colors are obviously "per taste", but these have always been the colors I've worn, since starting ice hockey. The mask is inspired from one of Carey Price's masks but is a different design altogether, my other mask is blue themed (Canadiens still), but I wanted to purchase an Itech 960, so I did that and got a new paint scheme on it).

And, well, I'd rather have everything match then have a mishmatch of clashing colors (a.l.a. KHL).

And about "wasted money", 3k is not a lot for goalie equipment, in fact, I got good deals on most of the gear. The pads and helmet alone are 2k+ (pro level), I don't play at a low enough level that overseas gear would suffice.
This is hilarious, I thought you we're bs'ing us and I totally thought that was just a photo of Price. Nicely done, that must get a lot of looks, and laughs at your rink.

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