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11-09-2006, 02:10 PM
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Tell ya what...Do that to your own gloves and let us know how it comes out? OR do you not have any since your prob not a goalie? IF not, I strongly suggest you leave the tending questions to the Goalies. Bad advice can cost someone hundreds of dollars in ruined gear. Its not like our gloves cost 35 bucks a set. Ours are closer to 500.00USD for a decent set.

Just because its posted on a web forum doesnt mean its true or a good idea. You will see suggestions to run your leg pads over with a car to break them in also. Doesnt mean its a great idea. Coming directly from Mark Simmons and Pete Smith(designed the Vaughn pad and now has his own branded name) Putting boiling water or totally submerging the glove in water is NOT a great idea. You seriously reduce the life of the glove, can displace some of the padding that is placed to protect specific areas and can actually damage the foams inside the glove.

Some may do the boiling water as a break in, to clean, etc etc etc If you want to keep the glove for many many seasons DONT DO IT. Some of these guys dont buy their own gear and will get free replacement for the next season. Some have Mom and Dad footing the bill and dont give a rats behind about it. "Mom or Dad will just buy me a new one", attitude. Others are just plain LAZY and dont want to break in a glove properly. Being from the 30 minute sitcom generation if it takes longer than an hour its too friggin hard...Hell, if it isnt game ready off the shelf many wont buy it or whine like little biatches! If you dont care that by seasons end or next that your going to get stingers etc etc etc then be my guest and go for it. personally, I think its a real stupid idea.

The goalie store may have the largest goalie community and lots of great stuff but it also has a TON of the most rediculous garbage to sift through to get at and the largest number of posers, hidden goalie company men and shills out there. You have to use a little common sense and not be ready to take all of whats posted as something handed down by god...For cry'in out loud you have several of the major manufacturers company workers on there with several different screen names. They even post back replies to themselves...wack jobs who dont care about hte individual goalie...just ways to sell more gear.

end of rant.....

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