Thread: Confirmed with Link: Douglas Murray signed 1 year deal ($1.5m)
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08-22-2013, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
So they preferred someone else and let him go.
Right. Which, again, is not necessarily a condemnation of how Murray played for them. If you can upgrade one player with an objectively better do it.

Trade deadline value is never a good representation of how good a player actually is. I mean, Hal Gill fetched us a 2nd. Hal freaking Gill, a 2nd round pick...
Paul Gaustad got a 1st..

I wouldn't that much weight on Murray bringing in two 2nd rounders. Deadline trades bring in ridiculous high returns in many cases.
At no point did I say "Murray brought back 2 second rounders, so he must be awesome!" even though that's what you're arguing against.

I'm simply saying that a hockey mind considerably more celebrated than a Sharks blogger saw enough value in Murray to give up a considerable amount for him because he thought he could help his team at the time. Which, personally, is enough reassurance that Murray can still bring value to a hockey team and enough to reinforce my belief that maybe numbers, contrary to the "evidence" MathMan posted that I was responding to, aren't always everything.

All you're looking for in a deal like this is value. If what Murray brings can outweigh his noted shortcomings, it's good value.

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