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Originally Posted by Rob Scuderi View Post
Definitely a fair analysis, but I just don't think Pederson and Lever are that special defensively to push Philly's line ahead. There's a reason that a handful of 10ish Selke finishes are one of the best top lines defensively here. Offense is the focus of top lines and save Kopitar, there's no real defensive stalwarts on a top line in the whole draft.

Pederson's 11th place finish was 2 first place votes, I don't know how many votes he got when he finished 10th. Same thing with Lever's 6 Selke voting points but no votes listed. I'm not sure it's so unbelievable that Colville would have received a pair of Selke votes in one of his seasons considering his main role on a high skilled scoring line was backchecking.

We're talking about top lines here and Lever's mediocre scoring sticks out to me. I like Lever, but I think he's a little over his head offensively as I worried Colville would be.
Lever's definitely no offensive juggernaut at this level. In the VsX study you did, he comes out 47th among wingers, theoretically making him one of the worst top 6 wingers in the draft. But in terms of guys that are top 6 glue guys, he good enough for me. He's ahead of Corson, Mellanby, and Crowder at least, and then consider the fact that he always played on teams that were pretty bad, and received little help in terms of offense.

Other than Kopitar, there aren't any defensive juggernauts on first lines, but this is the MLD. The guys that could be considered very good defensively while being first liners offensively were selected in the ATD. Looking through the roster thread, I think Philadelphia's first line is unquestionably top 2 defensively with Cornwall(who admitted their first line is a matchup line). So the fact that my line is right with yours offensively while being stronger defensively says something.

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
How much weight should a player's opinion of himself matter?
I hadn't thought of that, but it's something to think about.

Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
Yep, I'm going to come to the defense of Letang here. Why is he worse than Kampman? I think he's pretty clearly better.

-Letang has clearly the best Norris/AS voting of any defenseman in this series.
If we're taking modern AS/Norris at face value for offensive defensemen, Mark Streit is one of the best defensemen in the draft.

-#2 on a Cup winner, 3x #1 on playoff teams, one more time #2.
Kampman was also a #2 on a cup winner, and it was when there were only 7 teams in the league. The Leafs also made the finals in two more years when Kampman was on the team, and going by AS voting, he was the #1 defenseman on the 1939-40 Leafs that took the Finals to 6 games.

-Good ES scorer/puck mover (to the tune of being 25% ahead of 2nd place this season in ES scoring among D, with a couple other top 15s).

I'd actually kind of agree in saying that he shouldn't be a top unit PP, but he's definitely fine on a ES top pairing here.
Letang is certainly a better offensive defenseman than Kampman, but I still think Kampman is better, and the rest of the draft agrees. Kampman was ranked 6th in the AS voting, and Letang wasn't mentioned.

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