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08-22-2013, 05:06 PM
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So many question marks.

Edmonton looks pretty strong on paper. So much natural talent. But they still have a thin blue line (that is getting stronger) and questionable goaltending. Also the little boys on that team are going to have a hard time with some of the Pacific players they will be seeing more often. I think they could squeak in. But at the very least even the playing field a little bit. I think they would make the playoffs if they were in the Central Division.

Ducks lost Ryan but gained a player who will be able to come close to Ryan's production next season. The Souray injury will hurt. Goaltending is always a question mark. I feel Ducks and Oilers will be fighting for that last spot.

Vancouver is going to have a rude awakening. They wont be at the top, but I can't see them missing the playoffs yet. The addition of Torts could be really good, and just what the team needs to compete in the division, or it could be poison.

I can't predict the Pacific but I do believe 5 teams will be in the playoffs from it.
I think Dallas has the upper hand on Minnesota, but that is almost a wash. I also think Nashville and Colorado are underrated this year. Which makes the Central hard to predict as well.

Long winded but what I am getting at is that I have no clue of what will happen.

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