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11-09-2006, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I was one of the ones who thought for sure Theodore would rebound in Colorado, without the media spotlight and everything. So I'm surprised that he's continued to be so...well...bad. Talent usually doesn't just disappear overnight but Theo may just be an exception.
Paging David Duval......

I've been away from the boards from a while and I have to say I am so amused by the Aebischer love-in. All summer long it was trade Abby, trade Abby, trade Abby. For anything at all. I should have tried harder to keep track of who said what. It would be interesting to see how many have had a change of heart.

Back to the topic at hand. Theo's problems are between his ears. He has the same reflexes and ridiculously quick feet he always had; but his confidence is gone and it shows in how deep he plays in the net now. If you watch the old games when he won the Hart he was aggressive and challenging as a goalie. He would dare shooters to beat him. Now he looks very passive. Sure his defence is not great in Colorado, but it's no worse than the swiss cheese the Habs had back in the day. Oddly enough Brisebois is a member of both this underwhelming squads. Hmmmm.

Abby has been helped by Melanson too. He is much better at closing the holes around his body than he used to be. I've seen no difference or improvement in Theo's game at all from the end of his time in Montreal. If Theo is going to get back to where he was it will have to come from outside either with a coach or a consultant, because he clearly isn't able to do it on his own.

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