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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
The goals are going to come from up and down the lineup, because lo and behold our roster actually looks quite balanced for once! The Rangers team has a lot of questionmarks, but if all players produce an average season we have one of the most complete teams in the league. The only area we may lack in is out and out offensive punch, but if Stepan keeps it up and Richards bounces back we are hardly lacking there either.

"Hags isn't a natural goal scorer"? Maybe not, but he has scored the same amount of ES goals as Daniel Sedin the past 2 seasons, he has scored 2 more than Jeff Skinner. He somehow gets that done anyway.

Not a legit 1st line? No I guess facing top competition and scoring over 75% of the goals on the ice (i.e. outscoring the opposition more than 3 to 1) isn't a legit 1st line.

Also, I just have to ask: Are you a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs organization? You seem to have remarkably similar views on hockey.
You should be a stand up comic; really. Truth is I have been attending Rangers games since 1960 and if fans around here see me as very negative(I call is objective) and a debbie downer, so be it. We are talking about the NY Rangers, far and away the worst of the original 6 franchises and the winner of one whole Stanley Cup in 73 years. Oh yeah, we also have a lousy GM who has been milking his success from 25 years ago and is stealing 5 mil+ a year from the organization.

I'm a firm believer in "put up or shut up" "****, or get off the pot.". So far, I see the fans around here and the dregs who work for the organization putting a postive spin on the team year in and year and out and, to date, the same ****ed up results!

Get my drift now? Or am I being too obtuse??

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