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I'm going away for the weekend so I'm going to try to get as much done as possible, and then rebut what I can before voting once I get back.

Third Lines

Friesen: 69, 65, 59, 57, 53, 50, 48, 43(6 year total 353)
Langkow: 69, 67, 61, 60, 56, 56, 53, 50(6 year total 369)
Fairbairn: 65, 65, 58, 50, 48, 30(6 year total 316)

Total: 1,038

Boudrias: 71, 67, 66, 63, 61, 52(6 year total 380)
Haynes: 93, 86, 80, 60, 58, 24(6 year total 461), 15% boost applied
Backes: 63, 56, 49, 49, 44, 29(6 year total 290)

Total: 1,131

St. Louis comes out ahead due to Paul Haynes. The wings are basically equal, with Fairbairn being ahead of Backes by basically the same amount Boudrias is ahead of Friesen. Offensively, St. Louis has the edge. Backes and Boudrias are both physical players; Fairbairn is about as physical as them and Langkow/Friesen have a little grit. Defensively, it depends upon how you view Haynes' defensive abilities. Backes has the best Selke resume compared to Freisen/Langkow. Boudrias/Fairbairn played mostly before Selke voting and don't have records and Haynes obviously doesn't. Overall, St. Louis has a better 3rd line.

4th Lines

Philadelphia's better defensively, St. Louis better offensively. Eagles went for a two-way line, I went with as pure a shutdown unit as possible. In a vacuum, I probably have the worst 4th line in the draft. They'll serve different purposes with the Eagles probably rolling 4 lines and the Phantoms using the 4th line for shutdown duty when necessary against top 6 lines and holding a lead.

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