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I think bargain as well
Originally Posted by Nuckles View Post
Let's ignore the fact that Edler and Bieksa had a bad season, Kesler and Booth missed a majority of the season, Schroeder and Kassian are now older and have more experience, no more goalie controversy to distract a certain player, and a new coaching staff.
I'm all for not trashing your team and hoping for the best, but he's not ignoring these things, he's just not going out of his way to have an overly positive outlook, IMO.

I don't think "they had bad years" is exactly a reason for optimism
It might be a bit unreasonable to expect Kesler or Booth to stay healthy
The no goalie controversy = better goaltending thing is a massive stretch, IMO-- Luongo didn't play any worse than usual last year and the distraction was not a negative from what I've seen-- However, moving from Schneider (especially with Luongo backing him up) to Luongo is a massive hit moving forward, IMO.

I agree that Kassian/Schroeder will be nice, but that's about as weak of a reset as you can possibly expect. And it's also dihonest and looking at things through rose-coloured glasses to count this as a positive but assume that the older guys won't regress. I see it as a bit of a wash, personally. (although I'm more optimistic about the younger guys that will be coming up the year after)

I'm hoping for the best like everyone else, but on paper, it's a definite downgrade.

And as much as we don't like Raymond, with no-one to replace him and everyone behind him moving up the lineup, his loss is certainly NOT a neutral difference/addition by subtraction. I'm not exactly going to miss him, but that's ludicrous.

The way I see it

Lapierre -> Richardson (Even)
Schneider + Luongo + distractions -> Luongo w/o distractions (sizeable downgrade)
Corrado + Kassian + Schroeder -> Corrado + Kassian + Schroeder (expected upgrade)
Sedin + Burrows + Luongo -> Sedin + Burrows + Luongo (expected downgrade-- albeit a minor one)
Raymond -> No Raymond (downgrade)
AV -> Torterella + motivation (Total question-mark/Remains to be seen, but I'm optimistic)

With the other arguments not being benefits or negatives (like the injury complaints-- We were reasonably healthy going into the playoffs-- I wouldn't expect next year to be any luckier).

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