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Originally Posted by the edler View Post
Yeah, I wasn't trying to downplay Gilmour, he had two fantastic first years in Toronto and deserves praise, but a lot of players were great in the early 90s. His 127 points in 92–93 looks beautiful on paper but it "only" gave him an 8th place in the points race. 92–93 was an anomaly year and star players on offensively shallow teams, like Gilmour, put up boatloads of points with lots of juicy ice time between the new longer commercial breaks. PP specialist Dave Andreychuk also came in from Buffalo and scored 25 goals in 31 games, a 66 goal clip. Same season Turgeon and Selšnne scored more points than Gilmour on arguably worser, or at least evenly shallow, teams.

Toronto wasn't a power house or anything like that in 93–94 but it was a good team and only two points behind Western Conference champions Detroit. Toronto was also the only team with two players in the top 10 in scoring. Gilmour with 111 points and Andreychuk with 99. So he had some help.
Well, Andreychuk will be the first person to credit Gilmour and how good he is. note that Andreychuk never hit those numbers before or after he played with Gilmour. Hell, he played 52 games with Lafontaine, Mogilny and Hawerchuk before playing with Gilmour and only had 29 goals. the two just clicked well. But Killer was scoring well before he got there

In fairness as well, Gilmour was playing a more complete game than most forwards. And, well, he did not overly brutalize those expansion teams for points the way some guys did. Selanne and Mogilny were the other two who were not overly mean to expansion teams(Which I found surprising given their point and goal totals).

Turgeon was awful to them, but thankfully only played 5 games against SJ, TB and Ott(8 goals and 7 assists). Lemieux only played a few games against them, but also had a lot of points, but then again, he did that to everyone. LaFontaine, Oates and Yzerman also...well, let's just say they were on pace for 175-200+ points against the 3 expansion teams

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